Efi Karatopouzi

Efi Karatopouzi

Mindfulness teacher /Play therapy specialisation / MA Child phychology

PE Educator /Track -Field coach
ACS Athens Community school

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I was born in Greece having Greek Australian citizenship (Australian mother) and was raised abroad until she finished first grade. Then, I came to Greece where I graduated from Greek High School and continued my studies at the School of Physical Education and Sports Science at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, where I earned my B.A. with specialization in Track and Field. In 2017, I earned her B.A. in Child Psychology at the University of the Aegean. I currently got my Mindfulness degree and my diploma of specialization in Play therapy from the Kapodistraian University of Athens. I hold a degree in Kids family Yoga and have participated in personal development courses regarding teaching methods for large classes as well as teaching physical education to kids with autism. I am an official Archery, Track and Field, and National Nordic coach. I have rich experience in teaching. I developed in 2017 the innovated MBS methodology in the current that I work at and in which I have done my Action research. I have worked as a fitness teacher for many years in several sports clubs for adults and children and as a volunteer coach for abused kids . I am also a writer of a children’s book on Role Exercise MBS workout: A new way to make kids' fantasy work with creativity by listening and exercising.